KILIANHUNN goes for Loess!

... And the results prove us right. We only cultivate vines that grow and mature especially well on the fertile loess soils of the Tuniberg vineyards. And because the vines like the soil so much, they reward us with juicy grapes of extraordinary aromas. Grapes from which we create wines that each and every one shines its uniqueness.

KILIANHUNN has set out to bottle the pure aromatic diversity that nature provides. We combine traditional processes with modern technology. Nature-oriented cultivation of the vineyards and skilful diligence in winemaking are the basis for tapping into so many fascinating facets. But only our great passion, a bit of humility and our constant attention in the vineyard and in the cellar make our wines what they really are.

KILIANHUNN looks after the varieties and the cellar.

With wines growing on 145-million-year-old limestone, the range of varieties to be cultivated is almost predetermined: This is the perfect place for Pinot! A Tuniberg tradition of 2000 years. Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir represent the lion's share fo the estate. Add the white varieties of Sauvignon Blanc, Gutedel and Müller-Thurgau.

Our grapes mature on the vine for as long as possible before they are harvested and gently pressed. With the white wines, sedimentation is used to naturally clarify the must. The fermentation, however, is not left to itself. Here KILIANHUNN intervenes: the fermenting wine is cooled using modern cooling equipment; the fermentation takes place in a controlled environment. The results are wines with a multifaceted fruity bouquet. Depending on the category, the wines are left to age in stainless steel tanks or in oak barrels. The Pinot Noir, after a clearly defined fermentation on the skins, will mature exclusively in large or small oak barrels.

KILIANHUNN structures consistently!

As early as January a warm wind from the Mediterranean starts blowing towards us through the Belfort Gap between the Vosges and the Swiss Jura. It allows the vines to mature particularly well on the unique fertile loess-covered limestone of the Jura.

In this area of the Tuniberg, the vinyards have a particular mild microclimate which helps to bring out the very best instincts of each vine. Depending on the desired character of the wine, some may have an elegant lightness while others may express the loess terroir quite intensely. This generates three consistently structured wine profiles: “Junge Frische” (meaning young and fresh), “Junge Wilde” (meaning young and wild) and the “Reserve“.

Quality pyramid

KILIANHUNN distills on the estate.

Our region is well known for its particularly aromatic fruit. For decades our family, too, has cultivated its own orchards. KILIANHUNN feels bound to this family tradition, therefore in the in-house distillery, we also produce a variety of the finest spirits.

Harvested in the moment of ultimate ripeness, the still turns them into brandies of cherry or Williams Pear, of mirabelle or of the local specialty, a wild plum called Zibarte.

A fine lees brandy and a pure Chardonnay pomace brandy are our flagship spirits.

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"Das Geheimnis eines besonderen Weines ist viel mehr als nur sorgfältiges Arbeiten.
Es ist Demut und Liebe, Leidenschaft und Hingabe. Es ist wachsame Aufmerksamkeit und ständiges Bemühen um Boden, Rebstock und Traube."

Kilian Hunn

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